Oh My Phone! .. what happened to our phone's today?


Sooo I was on my way to a meeting and Maps didn't work, oh no, how was I meant to get there? Then I had another appointment that I needed re reschedule and OMG no SMS, they kept bouncing back?! Was this your morning too? Surely my phone must be broken I thought? I kept turning it off and on, turns out it wasn't my phone's fault, Telstra is broken! 

I did some research and it turns out this is the second incident this month for Telstra which ran into difficulties in early May. Wow this is not ideal. I did a radio gig for a big brand earlier in the month and they asked me to promote the fact that 'Optus' was now the no 1 telco, I said 'surely not' but reported the facts regardless. Maybe they were right. Until you lose the use of your phone you don't know how important it is to your everyday life. Where were you today when your phone blacked out?