Manifest Your Best Life and Let Your Past Go with Jackie Gillies


Jackie Gillies; businesswoman, Psychic Medium, television personality, philanthropist, wife, and a proud role model for positive body image will help you manifest the life you want.

So we know Jackie we’ve met her a few times and she is the real deal. She has overcome a lot in her life to be the shining woman that she is today and honestly he does shine, being in her presence is so cool. She’s present, directed in her attention and what she says and let’s into her consciousness and she’s such an inspiration.

Do you experience anxiety? Lean how to release it plus how to work through your past and come out the other side happier and healthier. In the Podcast below we examine these topics and more.

Jackie's Live in Newcastle for her Shine It Up! live show, she's also the author of Shine it Up: Inspirational True Story by Jackie Gillies for more on Jackie go here.