My Baby's Off To School

It seemed like just yesterday that you were sleeping side by side with your tiny little human and now they're off to school or a few years away!

Bec’s second child Gracie is off to school so we thought we’d investigate all you need to know about starting school.

What school should you choose private or public? What indicators should you see emotionally and communication wise what show you they're ready to deal with a school environment? What about counting to then and knowing their alphabet, where should they be academically? If you child has formed strong bonds with friends is it a better idea to keep that bond and send them to the same school or can you send your child in a different direction?

Hear advice from two mums who've experienced all this and more Aland and Laura from the Oversubscribed Podcast and Alexander McGrath School Readiness Expert from our Sponsor The Little Unicorn Early Education Centres.