Books That Will Enrich Your Child's Life

NHM Mumma’s incredible book ‘Where Are You Most Beautiful’

NHM Mumma’s incredible book ‘Where Are You Most Beautiful’

I don’t know about you but I find reading to my children at bedtime one of the the best parts of the day. The multitude of to do lists melt away and we are present together engaged in the beauty of books. Old fashioned, turn the pages books. You can revel in the fun you can find in each page and chat about life and the message the book is passing onto us to help us live a better life.

We have loved adding ‘Where Am I Most Beautiful’ to our bedtime routine. A book by local Mum Jasey Stanley about finding the beauty within yourself through your actions and your beautiful heart and empathy and love for others rather than just through external things like how you look in your dress or what your hair looks like.

If you’d like to support Jasey and her quest to build our children’s self esteem go here.

Here are some other books that I love reading my little girls:

  • All I See Is Part Of Me

  • An Awesome Book

  • Beautiful Oops!

  • Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?

If you’d like to hear Jasey talk about her book check out the NHM-I GOT IT FROM MY MUMMA Self Esteem episode below.