Little Steps Towards a Big Future

Little Lilly

Little Lilly

Often I hear Mums chatting with their friends as I do with mine about the transition of their babes from 5 days at home to a couple of days with an Early Education Centre or other care so I thought I’d share our experience so far.

It seems like a long time ago now I first dropped little Lilly now just over 1 year old to The Little Unicorn Early Education Centre for her first day of an early education. There were tears and we were both sad not to be together for three days a week but I knew she would find friends and discover a world of learning, possibility and get a good feed (I’m a loving mother but the worlds worst cook).

I’m happy to report over 6 months later, it is so beautiful to see her running to the door tri-weekly, smiling in her educators arms and having fun playing with her new friends. Her speech has developed amazingly and I’m so excited daily when she repeats words and surprises me with new ones she’s learnt. I love our time together and feel so blessed to have healthy beautiful children but we are truely blessed too to have educators who care for our children like we do and work hard to help them develop the skills they need for life and years of learning ahead. I also love the amount of craft and beautiful artwork we see her create daily, it fills me with joy to see it hang on my walls but not have to clean up after it when I already have seven million baskets of tiny clothes to wash.

I feel like sometimes it’s nice to take stock of just how blessed we are and how beautiful life truely is. For those following along at home I’ll be doing tri-monthly updates on Lilly’s progress.