Birth Order and how it affects your personality

I have always heard about birth order and seen Facebook posts where birth order has defined someone’s personality. But really, can it? Everyone is so different, I feel like this habit we have of lumping people in categories is crazy. So I thought i’d test it out on my own family, because there are a few of us! I have three kids and my partner has one, so we kind of manage to fit a kid into each category.

Firstborns in relation to my oldest son Matthew, who is 7.

They say firstborns tend to be reliable, conscientious, structured, cautious, controlling and achievers.

I’m going to have to admit this is all quite accurate for my son. He’s my leader who I definitely rely on for the vast majority of the help around the house. He is happy to have the complete control over the younger siblings but I’d have to say the conscientious part is yet to be shown at school!

Middle Child in relation to my daughter Grace, who is 4.

Middle children tend to be people-pleasers, rebellious, friendship orientated and a peacemaker.

Wow! This is Grace completely. If the last point changed to instigator instead of peacemaker this would be right on the money. My little firecracker has the kindest heart and is an absolute joy to have around but is certainly the crazy one of the family and my little wild child.

Last born in relation to my youngest William, who is 3.

The baby of the family tends to be fun-loving, uncomplicated, manipulative, outgoing, attention-seeker and self-centered.

Haha, another one pretty accurate. Apart from manipulative (come on he’s 3) and self-centered, this is my little treasure all over. William was a huge surprise for our family at the time, but he has completed me in a way I never thought possible. Fun-loving is exactly how I would describe this little bundle of happiness, who seems to just appreciate life.

Only child in relation to my partner’s little man Nash, who is 6.

Only children tend to be mature for their age, perfectionists, conscientious, diligent and leaders.

Again, apart from the last point, the characteristics are spot on. Nash is our one set to be the honours student and who although so far only in kindergarten has already smashed it in the awards department. He’s now been thrown into a crazy family with three other kids so we shall see if any of these characteristics change as the year’s progress!