BODY LOVE Fall in love with your body and your daughter will too

Lissome, Newcastle

Lissome, Newcastle

What do you say to yourself when you look at yourself in the mirror?

Because your daughter will say the exact same thing to herself.

In this week’s show below we give you simple steps to help you love the body you're in and show how this love will flow on to future generations and effect how your daughter sees herself.

We’re joined by Nerida Bint the Founder of Lissome Newcastle.

Nezzy’s advice

  • Grab a chalk marker and write positive affirmations on your mirror

  • Whenever you say something negative to yourself about your body ask ‘would I say this to my daughter about her body?’ if not, don’t

  • Celebrate your body for ‘what it can do’ rather than what it looks like

Also in the episode below positive changes you can make to how you move in 2019 and positive changes you can make to your diet that are easy to implement.

Also the truth behind having wine everynight and what it means for us! If you’d like to WIN a 6 week body transformation with Lissome listen to the show below and then write a review on your Apple Podcast App or any other Podcast App.

Good luck!