The Block 2018


Well Masterchef finished up last week and now my partner and I have shifted from cooking to Renos while we watch The Block. So here's my little recap from last night. 


This season the contestants are doing up The Gatwick in St Kilda. It's a completely run down old building and before they start the actual renovations, they'll have to clear out all the old furniture and dead rats. They'll be right, it's not meant to be easy. There are five teams, and they'd have to feel pretty good about themselves even for making it that far, there were over 45,000 other couples that submitted applications.

Courtney & Hans - these guys have no Reno experience but have already been labelled the 'hot couple'. She seems a little bossy but I think they will probably be dark horses in the competition. 

Kerrie & Spence - I'm so excited to see what they produce. Their home that they renovated, featured in Grand Designs magazine. He's a builder and a damn good one at that. Tonight his first awesome feature will be revealed. He decided to do a coffered ceiling which so far looked amazing... 

Hayden & Sara - newly weds and so far not my favourite couple. He's a construction project manager and she's a former flight attendant and now stay at home mum with a 14 month old. Last night they decided to just go to bed rather than begin clearing out their room which has left them with significantly less time than the others to complete their first room reveal. 

Norm & Jess - Norm is a builder and Jess is a breakfast radio host from the Sunshine Coast. They are a hilarious couple who I think will not have their relationship tested by The Block. 

Bianca & Carla - these two are the tallest girls you ever did see! Both ex-professional netballers, they are best friends who have renovated together in the past. 


I'm excited about this season. The Block is 7pm Sunday and 7.30pm Monday to Wednesday. Will you be watching?