Don't Get Sick Mummy


Remember getting sick as a child? I have mostly fond memories of it, getting showered with love and affection by your mother, who let you drink lemonade and gave you yummy foods you wouldn't normally get it you weren't sick plus all the extra love and attention you got from Mum. I remember her setting me up on the couch with my favourite TV shows and a doona and I didn't have to go to school and it wasn't too bad. 

Remember being sick in your 20s? First there was the anxious call to the boss then when they replied 'no worries look after yourself' as all of mine did a semi party would start. Sure you were sick but you could dose up on whatever, then snuggle on the lounge comfort eat and watch tele all day without anyone asking any questions. 

But getting sick as a mum is THE WORST. The washing still piles up the babies still cry and the kids need feeding and attention despite your aching body. You just want a little rest but that's not possible as there's always a little voice in your ear saying 'Muuuuuummmmm'. It's just the worst. I remember being 7 months pregnant once and taking the afternoon off work to go to the Dr and she said 'you really need a rest. Rest is what you need'. She was female too and a mum? I'd also previously mentioned that my partner was 'working away'. Ok great so I'll just lie here on the floor of the surgery and take a kip and my daughter can stay at daycare forever and the dinner will just fly onto everyone's plates and be delivered by the little 'help mummy fairy'. 

The solution? Don't get sick ever.