Cold season is a pain for Mums and kids. You'll rush them off to the Dr then you'll be turned away most of the time because your Dr will tell you that your child's cold is viral so antibiotics are of no use. Here are some tips to help NHM Mummas out this cold season:

1. Buy some Hydralyte icypoles from the chemist and let your little one suck on them to keep up their fluids if they're old enough

2. If they'll eat stick to really basic foods like toast

3. Nurophen is great for pain relief but you need to use Panadol to bring bubs temperature down

4. A young baby can't blow their nose enter the 'snot sucker' above to get the junk out. It's all rather gross but it works. I've even had mums tell me they suck it out themselves! A mother's love knows no bounds. I myself have done this

5. Pop some books under your child's cot at night so they're on an incline at night. It will help with the nasal drip and stop them coughing as much

6. Use saline drops to help with a blocked nose