Have your kids seen snow? How about a trip to Barrington Tops? Our Mummas have been talking about it and this is what they had to say. Mummas said it was great even if it wasn't snowing. It's recommended if you do go during the times when it's snowing you take a 4WD and an experienced driver. You can take a 2WD if you take chains with you. 

Get an up to date report on conditions here and contact Manning-Great Lakes Police 02 6552 0399. If you're worried that the gates might be closed due to conditions. You should also check out the Barrington Tops Snowchasers Facebook Page here

A good place to go are Polblue Campground. Mummas have recommended if you want to do a day trip make sure you leave early around 4am or so. Take lots of blankets to warm up after you get back in the car. It's also recommended you take extra clothes for after you get back into the car.