I've just been popping all the clothes in the laundry and ignoring the washing because its been too wet. We now have no clothes. My kids seem to like going nude but I don't think that's responsible patenting so it's time to tackle the laundry. There's 30% chance of rain today Mummas so do with that what you will. I know some people feel guilty for using the dryer. I have one particular girlfriend who certainly doesn't. Her washer turns into a dryer after washing and begins to dry all the clothes woooooowwwww. 

The wet weather is set to continue during the next week with smatterings of sunshine here and there to tempt you into popping everything on the line but then see you cry as all your hard work is undone and the rain falls, then the wind rips the clothes off the line, then they got all muddy. 

Another wet weekend is forecast by the way. iPad time! lol