Do your kids love you? Kendra Wilkinson



We've all felt that sting of judgement from other mums, whether we didn't breast feed long enough or give our kids enough organic puree blah blah blah. Judgement is everywhere in the Mum world and it's so much easier now that people can write nasty things and hide behind a keyboard. 

Kendra Wilkinson says she's over judgey mums adding "The way your kids see u n love u is all that matters. We all have a story and that's what makes us all unique. My kids and I'm sure yours would be devastated to know that grown ass adults are criticizing their mothers n fathers (sic)"

She added that spreading negativity was useless adding:  "People have different stories but that doesn't mean they are bad. It's a shame that our kids have to grow up in a world of such harsh criticism. It's only hurting our next generation n not helping.

"Stop the hate and stop the abuse but always encourage love n respect people's ways. I love hearing people's parenting techniques n would never judge someone unless there's hate involved. (sic)" 

Her comments come after she previously slammed critics who shame her for her lifestyle choices without knowing the real her.

In part of a lengthy caption posted in April, she wrote: "Let me just vent for a second. I bust my a** off as a human being. I work, pay bills, take care of 2 kids and love them to the fullest plus trying to take care of myself through it all is a 24/7 job. I don't know what the f**k some of u haters think u know but you better get your heads checked because your assumptions based on pictures and clips of shows make u straight up delusional.

"I appreciate the true people that follow me and know who i truly am vs idiots comin in n out making s**t up. I'm also talking about people around me too. I'm a lover and a free spirit by nature, not a fighter but lately I've been feeling pushed into a corner by judgement and opinions that are 100 false n not me. (sic)"