How to get your kids to eat dinner at the table


I used to do Stand Up Comedy in Melbourne with Madeleine West. We all questioned as to why Dee from Neighbours would want to do Open Mic nights with us but we were happy to hang out with her. I haven't seen Mads for years but I followed on as she married hot Vue De Monde chef Shannon Bennett and they raised a family of their own. 

Long story short Mads is unreal and she now has 6 kids. We'll definitely get her on our Radio Show shortly but before we do I thought I'd share her tip for getting your kids to eat dinner at the table. 

She and Shannon play board games with the kids at the table! Mads said 'Make sure all of them stay at the table and make some loose rules, like, "You have to eat three mouthfuls of your dinner before it's your turn", "You can't touch the dice until you've eaten three big mouthfuls".'

She added that this approach also allows her to carve out a small portion of quality time with her children, Phoenix, Hendrix, Xascha, Xanthe and twins Margaux and Xalia. Nice one!