Will the Jets win tonight?


I love the way Newcastle gets behind their sporting teams. That feeling of community is a beautiful one and whether you’re into the Jet’s final or not tonight, surely an event such as this should be celebrated. 

Their journey from the back of the pack to grand finalists  hasn't been an easy one with injuries and the mid-season departure of Andrew Nabbout ensuring Newcastle's ascent hasn't always been smooth.

But experts are tipping it may go the Jet’s way tonight because of Newcastle’s ability to rise above those issues. 

Some are worried without Jack Duncan in goals there may be problems but this is a team that can adapt and with an anticipated 30,000 Newcastle fans cheering them on tonight surely all players will be on the ball (pun intended). 

The Melbourne Victory haven’t been very victorious at McDonald Jones Stadium in the past winning only 3 out of 19 games there. Let’s hope they continue that losing streak woooooo! I mean we wish them all the best. 

Where are you and your family watching the Grand Final?