What type of parent are you?

Until recently I hadn't really thought about what kind of parent I was. You just woke up each day and did your best right? Recently my partner and I have started to 'blend' our families and have come across some obvious differences in our parenting styles and it has helped in a way to know which parenting categories we fall under so that we can try to understand how each of us parent. My partner is a definite helicopter and I have to admit to being a tiger with a fair amount of free range. Hopefully we can figure out some common ground to 'blend' both of our styles. 


So, are you wondering which category you fall under?

Attachment: focuses on very little separation between the mother and child during early childhood

Holistic: placing great awareness on loving and respecting all beings, eco friendliness is important and discipline is not

Conscious: A conscious parent is an influence, not an authoritative figure. The child is often the boss

Permissive: very little rues and guidelines

Free Range: allows children to be free to explore the world at their own pace and with independence

Authoritative: follows the approach that children need rules, regulations and expectations to succeed

Tiger: tend to 'hover' over the kids protecting from threats and dangers

Baby Led: routine and structure are guided by the baby, not the parents