I just emailed myself to 'hang out the washing' I'm not even kidding having 'two bubbas' as my 2 Year old refers to our family is exhausting. You pick one up? You have to pick up two. You pop one on your lap, you have to have 2 on your lap. My first was rather breezy she'd just feed and sleep and smile so I thought might as well have another. I've heard it will be great when they can play together and they'll be close friends but at the moment it is super hard. I constantly feel guilty about not giving my baby as much attention as I think I should give her and it breaks my heart that I'm sort of forcing my 2 year old out of her babyhood early by not being able to baby her as much as before. Anyway sure it will get better eventually just a word of caution to Mummas considering having another bub close to their others. 

Big shout out Jemma from 'Maxy + Mimi Coffee' for putting up with us today. I went there today to support an NHM Mumma creating a great new business but I'm pretty sure we were more of a nuisance than a support haha.