Wrong car lady!

I took my littlest to Paw Patrol yesterday and then we drove over to Glendale to go for Sushi Train. He fell asleep on the way over so I sat in my car for a little while after we arrived and let him sleep a bit more. All of a sudden the passenger door opens and a slightly dishevelled woman leans in. In my shock, I yelled at her and asked what she was doing and she quickly shut the door and walked away. Innocent mistake, could be. I wasn't so sure after she then proceeded to start trying to open the doors of three other cars nearby. So I pulled out my phone, took a photo of her and that's when she suddenly found the car she was looking for and they then drove off. 


It makes me wonder though... A friend of mine's husband once opened the passenger door of a car in a carpark, hopped in and started talking to his wife. Only the woman next to him wasn't his wife, but a stranger who thought he was trying to attack her. I know him and he's pretty harmless, but it would have shocked the poor woman! 


Has this happened to you?