Chrissy Teigen after the birth of baby number 2

Just yesterday I was saying to Bec, I wish people were more honest about what your body is like after birth, it doesn't just 'spring back' especially after baby 2 or 3. You know how you see Hollywood depictions of the woman leaving the hospital looking like she never had a baby? I loathe that, it does nothing for a mother's self esteem. In fact three days after I gave birth I went out for the first time to Door 34 in Cardiff my favourite and one of the young well meaning staff said "wow, you still haven't had that baby yet" sob. This is why we love supermodel Chrissy Tegan. 

Apart from her and John Legend being 'couple goals' she is so raw and honest. Here she wears those fabulous afterbirth undies we all know while giving a nod to herself looking like a pear in mesh after birth. Two-year-old daughter Luna can be seen playing in the background.

You know why this is great? It's one step towards our daughter's feeling less shame about their after birth bodies. Hopefully one day all the shame we feel about our bodies is gone. A mother's body gives life. It's a beautiful thing in whatever form it takes and should be celebrated.