In a Newcastle First Rod Cooper from The Movement Collective, The Ohana Room and Murray’s Browing Co for The Cancer Council NSW present BEERGA a combination of HOT YOGA and COLD BEER. 

You might think the marriage of Beer and Yoga is a strange one but if you think about it they’re not really that different. 

Both are enjoyable, studies have shown that yoga makes you feel good add to that  the delicious, relaxing benefits of beer and you’re onto a winner! 

Both Beer and Yoga encourage enlightenment. Yoga is all about reaching a higher level of consciousness and nothing opens your mind up quite like a beer. The relaxing effects of beer can help with meditation, mindfulness, and the consciousness elements of a yoga practice. 

It improves your balance! Ok so many, many beers won’t improve your balance but transiting through poses without spilling or knocking your beer will work to improve   your balance! 

100% of the Profits raised from the Class will go to the Cancer Council NSW as part of Rod Cooper’s contribution as a Star of Newcastle for 2018. 

Rod Cooper said “I challenge myself everyday with my work but this is certainly something different haha. It’s all for a great cause and we’re proud to be supporting the Cancer Council NSW and all their great work”

DATE: JUNE 4, 5:30pm - 6:45pm at The Ohana Room in Cardiff Arcade (upstairs) 

BOOK: Thru MINDBODY App on your phone or PM The Ohana Room on Facebook,

$28 for Beer and Yoga