The Kindness of Strangers...

When I first moved here it didn't take long for me to see how generous Novocastrians can be. Some people would give you the shirt off their back and I've been blown away sometimes at just how far people go to help out someone in need. So it didn't really surprise me to see a story that the Newcastle Herald reported about the 73 year old Jets member who was gifted a Grand Final ticket after she missed out. 

It's a beautiful story. Basically, Lorraine Cox lined up for hours for a ticket, missed out (like heaps of others) so left disappointed. She must have made an impression on the lady behind her who also missed out on a ticket. Doreen Hislop suddenly had her hands on a spare ticket and wanted to track Lorraine down. Lorraine had mentioned that she had in the past won a ticket to Ed Sheeran at a Jets game so Doreen contacted the Jets to see if they had her details still and they did! So the die hard fan is able to go thanks to the generosity of a stranger! Brilliant, I love it!


Go Jets!