Trace from Married at First Sight tells us "I'm not back with Dean, what a joke"


MUMMAS! Yes we're shouting, we're a little flustered and concerned that Trace may have given Dean another chance. Trace has ended it with Sean if you weren't up on that, she said she picked him up from the airport and "told him straight away.. I couldn't even wait til he got in the car". To be honest I've done that before too. When you know you just know. NHM has contacted Trace for comment, she has just gotten back to us, she said (since splitting with Sean) "I'm doing ok, it's pretty hard. I'm not back with Dean, what a joke!"  Phew we thought as much but when you have chemistry with someone it can make you do silly things. Trace isn't silly though she's actually super clever.

In the meantime would you like to come meet her with us? She knows a lot about Marketing so anyone in small business could really benefit from a chat with her. Just click subscribe in the link above then PM 'Trace' to us on Facebook. Its June 5 at Vaucluse Tea Rooms in Sydney and includes bubbles a Q and A and canapés.