The not so sweet reality about junk food and our kids


Mum Jenny Norman is over seeing kids watching their iPads eating crappy food she says. Maybe that was my daughter Summer she saw chowing down on a sugar filled Apple Bar from Aldi while watching Wheels on The Bus? 

She's done a study at the University of Wollongong on marketing of junk food to our tots and is now calling on tighter regulations on advertising. 

The findings? the food that kids ate  increased by almost 50 calories after watching food Ads which if sustained over a long period of time would lead to overweight children. She said the study was "all about creating supportive environments for parents so they can bring their children up to be as healthy as they can,”

Righto but Mummy often works too these days and sometimes we need our kids to be entertained for 5 minutes maybe even eating a bit of a sugary snack while we make the boss happy or do something important around the house. 

I think the key here is balance right? If they're on the iPad for a bit then take them to the park or make sure they go for a walk with you afterwards. 

What are your thoughts?