My tips for travelling in the car with kids

My partner and I are going away for our first little family holiday this weekend as a blended family. So we are packing the car up with bikes and scooters as well as four kids under 6. Thankfully we don't have too far to travel on our maiden voyage but it did get me thinking about tips for travelling in the car with kids. So this is what has helped me in the past. Do you have any tips?

1. Craft bag - colouring books, pencils. The best hack I've seen for a while is using a flat baking tray so they have an instant activity desk. 

2. Always try to set off at sleep time if you can arrange it

3. Take baby wipes - you just never know!

4. Food! ALWAYS have snacks at hand, and bottles of water.

5. Charge up the iPad or tablets and load them up with non. wifi needing games.


Let me know some of your tried and tested tips.... lord knows I need them!