Here's a tip for shopping with kids


When you were young you had nightmares of dragons and evil monsters, then you got older had kids and now you have nightmares about the milk running out and having to go shopping with the children. It doesn't matter how many little darlings you have 1? well done :) 2 wow ok now you're felling it :/ or 3 or more? Mummas how on earth do any of you manage 3 you absolutely incredible wonder women... we all DREAD shopping with them right? So many Mummas tell me they shop online but what if something runs out, or what if you're just a generally unorganised mess like me? Here's a mum hack tip for you buy or take out from home a neck cushion and place around the bubba in the trolly while you're out and about, you can even attach toys or keys to the top of this one and use the strap to keep them secure. We'd love to hear about your Mum Hack tip for shopping? Email us or hit up our Facebook or Insta. One tip at a time is all it will take to drain away some of our Mumma shopping anxiety. 

Oh no I think we're out of milk! 

Love NHM x