How to Lose 19 Kilos in 12 weeks


After Bub bomber 2, 4 months ago I've started trying to lose the baby weight. That pouch ain't going anywhere at the moment but it's probably my fault, after a day of darting around after a 2 year old and carrying a 4 month old and running a business and working in another business by about 8pm, the call of wine is strong and I mostly give in and have a glass. But check out this guy from the States Hunter Hobbs he lost -  19 kilograms in 12 weeks. This is how he did it. 

He worked out five or six days a week, lifting weights and incorporating 20-30 minute cardio sessions into his routine, either in the morning or after a weights session.He told The Daily Mail he mostly ate “chicken, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, salads, almonds and whey protein shakes,” “I also cooked all of my meals, brought my lunch to work everyday and rarely ate out.“I drank tons of water, no sugary drinks like soda, and apart from a few drinks on special occasions didn’t drink any alcohol.”

He said he'll continue to be healthy but now he's going to go out with his mates and drink beer and eat pizza sometimes. Well done! Hunter Hobbs you are now my motivation, I think I'll stick you on my fridge. Wonder what my partner will say.