Public temper tantrums


Thanks to the dreaded school holidays, I found myself yesterday doing the weekly grocery shop with three kids in tow. I told myself that bribery would work and we would get through the next half hour with the least possible fuss. Boy was I wrong. We didn't even last past the fruit and veg before hair was being pulled and the screaming had started. By the milk section, I was close to calling it and dumping the half full trolley and leaving, with or without the kids. We got to the checkouts and they had obviously missed their chances on the kinder surprise eggs that would have been rewards for semi decent behaviour. I pulled my sunglasses down over my eyes and tried to load up the shopping as quick as possible and avoid making eye contact with other shoppers. Suddenly a lady around my mums age, leans over and said, 'Excuse me dear, I hope you don't mind me saying this, but good on you for standing your ground, you're a great mum.' Wow! This was all I needed to hear to make me feel instantly better. So this made me think, is a toddler tantrum so much worse when you don't feel supported by others around you or are they just unbearable altogether?