Out of ideas for Elf on the Shelf? Try these

Elf on the Shelf keeping kid’s accountable this Christmas

Elf on the Shelf keeping kid’s accountable this Christmas

Our family have started the Elf on the Shelf tradition this year.

We’ve had quite a lot of family changes, including blending families, so I thought starting some new traditions would be a good way to go to have all the kids excited about something new together. I’ve always wanted to give Elf on the Shelf a go, so this was the year!

If you don’t know what Elf on the Shelf is all about, it is based on the idea that you ‘adopt’ an Elf, and he/she reports back to the North Pole each night with the behaviours of the kids in the household. Upon his return, he is found in a cheeky pose or doing something entertaining. Basically this shows he has moved and gone back to Santa. The Elf is accompanied with a beautiful book to explain his story to your kids when you adopt him.

So we’ve done many an entertaining thing with our Elf, snow angels in flower, hanging him from all sorts of places, he’s quite the acrobat as it turns out and my kid’s love him! My biggest challenge is as a tired working mother. Most nights, I’m up late working so by the time I get into bed I’m so tired, I drag myself into bed and then think, Oh no The Elf!

That’s ok, you say, just move it in the morning. Well, if you knew what time my kids woke up you wouldn’t be saying that! I recently read a FB post that combatted that very issue. There were a whole bunch of reasons why the Elf hadn’t moved. Things like, ‘the elf thought your behaviour could have been better yesterday so decided not to report back to Santa'.

We’ve combatted this problem for you and created several threads on Facebook that you can look up to easily seek out more Elf on the Shelf ideas here are a few.


For the most part, it has been a pretty entertaining ride as an Elf mother. I’m certainly no Pinterest mum who invents amazing Elf positions, and I’ve even seen some people knitting their Elves clothes. I take my hat off to these people! I’m the person who has been screenshotting the easy and achievable Elf tricks. Because, let’s face it, copying is the best form of flattery!

If you’d like to WIN a Scout Elf from Elf on the shelf go here and follow us on Facebook to adopt an Elf for a lifetime go here or to your local Christmas shop, Westfield or selected booksellers.

Merry Elf-Mas