Are you suffering post natal anxiety or depression?

Mel and Lillian

Mel and Lillian

Isn’t it strange no one ever tells you the moment you become a mum is the moment your life will truely change forever. As far as I’m concerned you have LBC ‘life before children’ then LAC ‘life after children’. So many of the things that made up you as a person are no longer part of your life after kids and probably won’t be for a long time. I’m so grateful for Penny Williams at Calm Connexions who helped prepare me for labour the second time around. I remember the first time, when I went into labour I was not prepared for it at all, despite doing courses and reading books it did nothing. My labour was long and one I felt that I reacted confrontationally to, resisting it out of fear. Afterwards I said ‘Mum why didn’t you tell me about labour, like really tell me?’ She said laughing ‘no one can really tell you’ then laughed.

After that you go home from hospital and become a mother. It’s incredible that you get this Blue Book that looks into every aspect of the child’s health and is brilliant by the way, I mean go our health system, Medicare is something to be sooooo grateful for in this country but I feel mental health of the mother should be added to that book. Everyone looks at your downstairs and how you’re baby is attaching to your nipple but not many people get asked ‘how are you managing with motherhood?’.

This week, apart from Dr Elliott from The Hummingbird Centre at Warners Bay and Melanie Sargeant from NHM jumping out of a plane in support of COPE and raising awareness around post natal depression we have also launched our post natal anxiety and depression NHM-I GOT IT FROM MY MUMMA Podcast in Apple Podcasts and Spotify or you can click on the link below to listen. In this episode we talk to incredible ambassador for COPE The Modern Mumma - Mel Watts about her raw and honest account of having post natal anxiety and how she got over it, we’ll also joined by Bec a sufferer of post natal depression and Dr Elliott from The Hummingbird Centre who specialises in getting mother’s healthy again and back to enjoying their beautiful families.

If you’d like help with post natal anxiety or depression go to The Hummingbird Centre they will treat you with kindness, care and respect click here. To donate to Dr Elliott and Melanie’s Skydiving Mother Jumper fundraiser for COPE click here. Lastly you are truly incredible Mumma everyday of your life, never forget that!