So, as a media personality or pretty much any other ‘notable’ brand you’re meant to delete troll comments off your page the moment they try to infiltrate but I decided this time to make an example of Jason.

This is because as women we would have never gotten the vote if the suffragettes hadn’t made a stand, there would still be slavery if people hadn’t put their lives on the line to say it was wrong and if I don’t speak up maybe when my child is attacked online neither will she. Maybe she’ll sweep it under the carpet and let it eat her up inside til she falls into a deep dark depression and it ruins her beautiful life.

From an early age I copped it. People used to call me ‘Fat Albert’ in Primary School because I was fat then I swung things around and thought I’d mastered teenage hood when I survived on little but was thin, apparently not, bitchy girls snickered ‘Are you just having an apple for lunch?’.

Look as Taylor Swift says ‘Haters gunna hate’ and it’s so true. There are many ‘Jasons’ out there who are just out to tear people down to make themselves feel better. I never understood that personally, the moment I think I’ve hurt someone’s feelings I feel awful.

So ‘Jason’ no we’re not bored, stay at home mothers, Bec and I and the Admin team all have several other jobs and over 10 children between us. We’re not ‘Just another Mummas Page’, we are a proud group of over 20K Mummas that support each other daily in what can sometimes feel like a very isolating and thankless job ‘motherhood’. It’s nice to hear that you think Mummas Pages are gaining traction because we’re still an under catered for audience. Despite the fact that you’ll hear the cricket commentary for several days on some radio stations and despite the fact that our NHM-I GOT IT FROM MY MUMMA Podcast has been downloaded thousands of times in the first six months of broadcast and featured on Apple, mothers are still considered too ‘niche’ an audience to be added to the radio mix by most commercial broadcasters.

So ‘Jason’ boo to you bully. Take your bat and ball and trot off. We’re up all hours rocking and breastfeeding babies, all for the love and we can get very cranky! So don’t dare take a swipe at any Mumma, they may just swing on back.