Sizzle sizzle

Sizzle sizzle

Mummas I know it’s tough you don’t get a moment for yourselves but if you can call in a favour from a friend or your parents, anyone, do it, get the girls together and go and see ‘A Star is Born’ with Bradley Cooper and Lady Ga Ga.

I was lucky enough to see this movie at Event Cinemas Kotara in Gold Class by the way the menu there now is incredible add a glass of bubbles and this movie and that’s pretty much the best time I’ve had all year!

When Bradley Cooper and Ga Ga connect on camera it is electric. It takes you back to the very first time you fell in love with someone, the way the pit of your stomach just feel away, the universe disappeared and all that’s left was that person. The most incredible person you’ve met in your life. It makes you remember the urgency you felt to see your love again, the drunknes you felt gazing into each others eyes and the joy you took from life, just to be in the presence of someone you had that amazing connection with. Not to mention the sex.

That’s the magic of this movie it takes you there and it takes you on the crazy journey of these two characters who, both so brilliantly talented, shine in each others life and give that energy to the world through the music they create together.

Their story is beautiful, heartbreaking and inspiring and an absolutely incredible achievement for both actors. I can’t wait til you get to see it too! Enjoy the ride and be warned it finishes quickly and you may be still balling so don’t wear make up, it will run.