The NHM has seen an outbreak of Gastro amongst families and would like to issue a warning and help parents coping with the illness. 

Our long weekend was consumed with washing vomitus sheets and changing massive amounts of nappies more than normal as our poor babies suffered through and awful bought of Gastro. Lucky my partner hasn’t come down with it yet he was just a little ‘unwell’ towards the end of last week. I on the other hand have been hit relatively hard needing bed rest and incapable of doing mum duties, which makes life super hard! 

We seem to be on the mend but some NHM Mummas have reported that their bubs and kids have had to be hospitalised with it. 


  • use lots of Glen 20 and antibacterial Gastro is highly contagious 

  • give a small baby little amounts Hydralyte with a syringe to keep their fluids up 

  • if your baby is breastfeed continue to breastfeed them as they will take it

  • suck on ice cubes 

Signs of Gastro 

  • feeling unwell, not wanting to eat or drink

  • vomiting beings for 24-48 hours followed by diarrhoea which can last upto 10 days 

  • stomach pain 

  • fever 

Go to the hospital if

  • your child or baby is not holding down any fluids 

  • they appear limp or less responsive to you than they would normally be 


Gastro is super contagious 

The germs are mainly spread by the vomit or faeces of an infected person or through hand-to-hand contact. 

Kids sharing toys and bottles is also a no no. Unless you’re a super parent chances are if one child has got it it’s going to move through the house. 

You can prevent the spread through hand washing, antibacterial gels, Glen 20, disinfecting bed linen. People with the disease stay contagious for a time after they’ve recovered too. 


Gastro won’t always appear straight away

You may come into contact with the virus but it can take two or three days after exposure to the virus before the symptoms appear.

Gastro can be life-threatening

Due to dehydration, mainly in babies, small children and the elderly. The symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea cause the body to lose a lot of fluid, so it is important to keep drinking.

Gastro can be treated

For most adults, gastro should ease up  within a few days, if you are worried about your loved one’s fluid intake though consult a doctor to seek treatment. 

Continue to try and eat if you have gastro

Dry toast, biscuits or anything bland is the way to go. Steer clear of dairy. Taking in food helps the lining of the intestine to heal more quickly, and allows the body to regain strength. 

Preventing Gastro 

The advice says that if you practise good hand hygiene, and teach your children from an early age the importance of washing hands with soap and water you can prevent them getting sick but we all know this is near impossible. 

Caring for other NHM Families 

Sick parents and children should stay away from childcare, preschool, school or work until there has been no vomiting or diarrhoea for at least 24 hours. 

Also stay away from swimming pools, communal activities and other childrens toys and things. Wash down frequently touched surfaces in the house.