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How to do a Budget Family Holiday

Ok so you've mastered holidays solo or just you and your partner but the art of a good family holiday is a completely new ball game! What are the best destinations here and OS? What are some things to be mindful of when you're contemplating family travel? Which areas of Thailand and Bali are 'more kid friendly'? What about holidays that let you have a bit of time to yourself and also some time to reconnect with your partner while the kids enjoy great experiences of their own? Ashley from Helloworld Hunter Travel Group the Hunter's biggest locally owned and operated travel specialists, joins us to answer all those questions. Plus win a holiday thanks to Helloworld Hunter Travel Group on the WIN page.

How to be a Calm Mum

You may have seen them, these beautiful calm mums? Their voices remain steady under stress and they don't seem to snap as quickly. We are bringing in an expert of calm to make us better at it! Cveta Jovanoska head's upThe Yoga Loft in Newcastle. She's going to teach you how to recognise triggers that may lead you to snap then see if you can observe them, move through the anger, remain calm, come out the other side, then take a measured response to whatever has happened.

The Role of a Single Mum

How does it feel when you're left as the main parent looking after one or more children and you are suddenly their all, often having to make money too and be everything to your employer and your kids, how do you do it? Melissa Histon from the Hey Soul Sista Podcast launching soon talks about how she got through when some friends turned their back on her. Also managing a hostile ex and what happens in the future when you blend families? Bec says too that you might never seek to end up there however circumstances may come about where you're a single Mum, all the reasons not to fall into judgement and two beautiful women's souls laid bare in hope that others can benefit from their experience.

Mum Guilt

I feel bad to admit there are times when I'm so affected by Mum guilt that it stops my enjoying life, affects my working life and really gets me down. This week Emma from The Jacaranda Centre helps you learn to deal with Mum guilt so it doesn't effect your health and life and you can learn to let go. Also when does it become something that we should be concerned about, if you are suffering more than other mothers, how can you get help from family and friends and professionally.

Study Mumma

Ok so maybe you went to school then possibly University or Tafe but what happens shock horror when you decide to go BACK to study after you've had kids. Whether it's a short course, a University Degree or Tafe Bec shares her experience to help you tackle that difficult but often rewarding time in a Mummas life. Is that the school bell we hear? Class is in session Mummas!

Career Mumma

Are you a little bit confused about your career after having kids? Maybe you want to try something completely new? Maybe what you want out of your job has changed? Maybe you've been out of the career space mothering for a few years and you are even starting to wonder where you fit in now skill wise? Also Dottera, Avon and other MLM jobs, are they as easy as they seem or are they a complete waste of your time.

Your Baby is off to School

It seemed like just yesterday that you were sleeping side by side with your tiny little human and now they're off to school or a few years away! What school should you choose private or public? What indicators should you see emotionally and communication wise what show you they're ready to deal with a school environment? What about counting to then and knowing their alphabet, where should they be academically? If you child has formed strong bonds with friends is it a better idea to keep that bond and send them to the same school or can you send your child in a different direction? Hear advice from two mums who've experienced all this and more Aland and Laura from the Oversubscribed Podcastand Alexander McGrath School Readiness Expert from Sponsors The Little Unicorn Early Education Centres. For more NHM Newcastle Hunter Mumma goodness find us online here. The Little Unicorn offer Child Focused and Play Based Learning and they're taking early enrolments for 2020 now at Broadmeadow and Honeysuckle to check them out with your babe in tow go here.

Social Media Mumma

Are you in business or do you work for someone and feel slightly confused about your Social Media? Alana Dagwell from the Oversubscribed Podcast is a Social Media Expert and shares what she knows with us about the role of hashtags, strategy and when to post. Also what have we learnt from NHM Newcastle Hunter Mummas about what works and what doesn't and how long do you spend on your phone daily? We bet your screen time statistic couldn't be worse than Mel's from NHM!

Ashy Bines

Mum-boss Ashy Bines on how to make your relationship work despite many jobs and a child. Also how do you forgive someone who has hurt you in your life and better still get to a place where you can empathise with them.

How to Buy a House

Brad from The Block on what to consider when you're buying a house from things that should be a dealbreaker through to things that can be fixed. Why sloping blocks aren't that bad, why you should seriously consider land size, why where you're buying maybe isn't as important as you think it is, also buying to suit your needs and financial situation at the time and what happens when you build your forever house then you sell it? AlsoHeath Williamsfrom Loan Market on getting the finance to get into your house tips and tricks. Find Heathhere

How to Sell a House

How to sell your house and get top dollar in a market that's a bit dull. Insider tips on how to get you more, where to spend, where not to spend? Who should you get as a real estate agent and who should you avoid? Lara from The Block tells the story of selling her forever home that she built with her husband Brad to move to Byron Bay and Annette Pinkerton from One Agency gives an honest account of how a real estate agent could help you or hinder and how she gets buyers to fall in love with homes.

TV Mumma Sarah Executive Producer of The Letdown

Mum life has never been more challenging and we are so excited to bring you Sarah Scheller Executive Producer of hit Aussie TV show about Mumlife The Letdown. She talks about telling raw stories of motherhood on TV that have never been told before, how she manages to have an incredible career in LA whilst still being a 'good mum'. Why you need to let judgement go, why she left her mother's group and what she says to her mum when she questions her choice to bring her kids up in LA. Season two of The Letdown has been released all at once so you can watch it on the couch with a wine all at once, what a great idea! We love the show and Sarah, hope you enjoy this chat.

Mumma Chef with Courtney from Masterchef

So you want to whip up the perfect steak with an incredible sauce? You want to have a dish to take to a BBQ that with wow your friends? What about for those nights when you don't want meat, are you after some creative and inspirational meals without meat in them? What about soups for winter? We have it all with Courtney Roulston, one of the original Masterchefs. You'll be adding avocado mouse with cocoa to your repertoire within no time and your friends will wonder how you got so clued in, enjoy Mumma Chef! 

Domestic Violence: Avoiding Potentially Violent Men and How to Get You and Your Children out Safely

What are some possible red flags that could signal a man who is seemingly perfect and 'the one' might be capable of violence down the track? How to identify those relationships when they become apparent for you, your friends or even your teenage girls and If you find yourself in a violent relationship, how can you get yourself and your children out safely with Melissa Histon from Got Your Back Sista. Matthew Carney from Baker Love Lawyers also discusses AVOs and the flow on effect legally of domestic violence from the child's prospective, the mothers, in regards to keeping safe and the impact it will have on any property settlements or other matters after you leave the relationship

Cleaning Hack Tips with the Queen of Clean

Pen on couches? Stains on your carpet? Stains on your walls? How do you get rid of that awful smell from gym clothes that won't seem to go away? What about the stained grout in your bathroom? Let Lynsey, The Queen of Clean from the UK sort out all your cleaning woes.

What's Normal As Far As Your Child's Speech is Concerned?

Bec's little girl Gracey didn't talk til three years of age! How did she rectify that as a Mum and make her youngest bub a perfect speaker. Also speech milestones, what they should be saying and when and red flags to look out for that indicate you need to seek help with their speech. We're joined by the super knowledgable and entertaining Lauren Haskins head Speech Pathologist at A Growing Understanding Speech Pathology


It's so important in today's day and age to build our kids self esteem but how do we do it? Find out how it begins from birth with Dr Rickie Elliott from The Hummingbird Centre. What can you do day to day to lay the foundations to create a strong self esteem? Why sometimes clashes with other kids aren't necessarily the worst thing? Behaviour you can exhibit to your children in your own life that will show them how to have a healthy level of self esteem as an adult and also what not to do. What behaviours will encourage your child to close down and feel that they can't come to you when they're challenged by life? We also speak to Jasey Stanley the Author of 'Where are you most beautiful?' a book aimed at building your child's self esteem.


How would you like to access your memories better and create a home where every object in it 'sparks joy' in your life? That's the idea behind the Kon Mari Method. Discover how to bring simple Kon Mari techniques into your own life to re-vamp your life and change your relationship with everyday objects you're surrounded by.


How did your life change when you became a Mother? Bec and Sarge talk about that moment and how they mind mum life. They also speak to their own mothers Maree and Inga about Mothering their children; advice they have for other mothers, looking back do they feel they made any mistakes, what's the most important thing to do as a mother and how they think their daughters turned out? A celebration of #Mumlife


We as mum’s are super respectful of mothers and whatever decisions they make in respect of their family and their own health as well as the physical and mental heath of their families.

This episode delves into the decision to have an abortion.

We delve into one mother’s honest account of deciding that her family was enough.

She had struggled with mental heath issues and so had her husband and when she fell pregnant at a time when she already had two small children and just felt like she was getting her life and her family's life on track she made the decision to abort. What was that process like for her? What support did she get from others? Did she have any regrets? How is her family coping now. 


Do you just slap on some foundation in the morning and hope for the best like us? Let Dean Blaq make up artist from The Boys transform the way you look at your morning routine plus a the best tips and tricks on brands and application whether it's a daily routine or for something more special. Plus you can win a make over by Dean or a make up gift card from Stockland Greenhills who have great brands like Mecca, David Jones, Priceline and Target, Dean points out whether skincare or make up, there's something for every price range available these days to help you look great.


We're joined by religious commentator John Safran to chat about how he thinks a religious education will affect our children and then throughout their lives. Also religion itself, bad or good and the probability that often you might not even be able to determine where culture stops and religion starts. Also what happens when senior and trusted religious officials are found to be untrustworthy by a court of law, how does society react to that and what could it mean about religion and it's subconscious effect on us. NHM would like to point out that they're respectful of all religions and cultures.


So the teen parenting years are approaching. How have drugs charged and how do you navigate through these years successfully? We talk to one mum of a teenager about how she has managed it, also what she's noticed during these years and Greens MP Cate Faehrmann talks about pill testing and why she's all for it. 

OUTDOOR RENOVATIONS with Charlie Albone from Selling Houses Australia and Inspired Exteriors

Want to make your outdoor space great? What are some cool features you can add to it that your kids will love? Is a dog destroying your outdoors, what are your options there? To fire pit or not to fire pit? Pools and fences and how to manage sloping blocks. Charlie Albone from Inspired Exteriors and Selling Houses Australia guides you through all this and more.

INDOOR RENOVATIONS with Mato Demir from Demato Construction and Maxine and Karstan

Do you need an architect? How to fix common problems with old houses? Will your house fall down if you move a wall? Create that extra bedroom properly plus how to mix new trends into your home, common painting errors and some cool new ideas you might never have heard of before that you could incorporate in your renovation. Join owner of Demato Construction, Mato Demir and Maxine and Karston from The Block.

EVEN CUTER KIDS FASHION with Jules Sebastian and Kristyn Chapman from Stockland

Join one of Australia's most well known and loved Stylists Jules Sebastian for a chat about mum life and kids fashion. What's on trend and what to stay away from? What are investment pieces that you should consider buying and what are stand out brands to choose from. What do you do if your kids are into glitter and Disney and should you ever consider mummy and me dressing? Win a Stockland Greenhills GiftCard for you to shop with and check out all the styles we've talked about here with Jules and Kristyn Chapman the head Stylist at Stockland Greenhills.


Ever thought you might like to delve into a side hustle? What's it really like day to day running your own business? How do you do it surrounded by children screaming in your ear? As a Mumma with limited time what do you prioritise and which things can you leave for a while or just leave out all together? Also some brilliant tips on collaborating with other brands and how to rock your instagram. This week's guest is Amy Clarke mum of two little ones and star of the Confetti Rebel brand.


Are your kids or teenagers having meltdowns? Do you feel overwhelmed by it sometimes and wonder how best to respond when they're in this state? Dr Rickie Elliott from The Hummingbird Centreguides us through how to react during turbulent times and how to be good emotional role models for our kids. Also the difference between an emotional reaction to a situation and a behavioural problems. Also what to do if you do lose it from time to time and how to cope with the dreaded mother guilt.


What would happen if you and your partner were in an accident tomorrow? Who would look after your kids and how would they be provided for? Also, what if your position was to change and you weren't with your partner anymore and you'd made a will but it needed to be changed? What would happen if you hadn't made a will and you passed away? All these questions and more answered in this podcast with Liam from Baker Love Lawyers. Plus the opportunity to create a Will, Power of Attorney and Appointment of Enduring Guardian documents for a couple at no charge.


In the most recent Podcast episode from the hugely popular NHM I Got It From My Mumma , Mel ‘Sarge’ Sargeant and Bec Tansey spoke to opposing sides, Mayor Kay Fraser and Councillor Kevin Baker. Mayor Kay Fraser and Lake Macquarie Council recently implemented a new waste system that has many residents up in arms. We discussed the council’s opinions on the success of the new service.

Bec : ‘How successful do you feel that the new waste service has been in Lake Macquarie?’ Mayor : ‘Most of the community has embraced it. The same amount of waste is being collected.’

Sarge : ‘The nappy thing is a big problem for me. Luckily I’m able to take my excess rubbish to my parent’s house, but a lot of people don’t have that op on. To get a bigger bin will cost more and some families just don’t have that money. Are you going to look at fixing that in some way? $380 a year is a lot for families to find.’ Mayor : ‘That’s what we’re discussing. You can apply for a dona on with Council as well if you have medical needs.’


Are you like me and struggle to get your kids to brush their teeth? Do you have nightmares about it? The Good Dentist Garreth McBride is here to help! This show is all about helping your little ones to create good teeth brushing behaviour plus tips about what happens when kids lose their first teeth? Problems to watch for in their mouths and slient teeth problem causing foods. Also adult teeth and grinding, Mel has a massive problem with it and wants help from The Good Dentist


What happens when your forever doesn't turn out that way? Coping with that and then how to tackle introducing a new partner into your children's worlds. Key factors to look out for that indicate your kids are coping well or maybe not so. How do you integrate children under the one roof that have been raised with completely different parenting styles and then how do you survive as a new couple and thrive together instead of allowing the children to pull you sideways and apart. Bec's raw account of what it's like to blend a family and Dr Rickie Elliott from The Hummingbird Centre with a professional opinion.


What do you say to yourself when you look at yourself in the mirror? Because your daughter will say the exact same thing to herself. Simple seteps to help you love the body you're in and teach your baby girl to do the same. Positive changes you can make to how you move in 2019 and an easy plan you can follow to ensure you and your family are eating right and moving in a way that will serve you as a healthy Mumma. Also the truth behind having wine everynight and what it means for us! Featuring Nerida Bint the founder of Lissome.


Let us guess you want to carve out more family time this year but you've taken on even more responsibility in your career? This show will help you achieve all your goals this year and still have time for your family. Implement our time saving techniques to allow you to streamline your work and homelife processes and get rid of habbits that don't serve you! Raylee Mahony from Inner Strength Coaching will give you incredible insight about how you can stay on track to achieve all your goals in 2019 too, baby steps - this will be your best year yet Mummas!


So New Years these days looks nothing like it did 10 years ago for us! We lament on that plus talk about fun ways you can enjoy New Years as a proper adult. Also another year done, babes, business, what have we learnt and how do we hope to improve everything we do to live our best lives in 2019! 


Christmas looks a lot differnt for us these days as Mummas. We now realise why our own Mummas seemed so stressed all those years ago. We talk about how Christmas is differnt as a Mum, how we deal with Santa's arrival and the babes Christmas morning and what we enjoy about Christmas, none of it is about recieving either. Celebrate a Mumma's Chrsitmas with NHM Mummas.


How about a cool Christmas where you weren't stuck in the kitchen the whole time but everyone was raving about the modern menu with a twist of tradition? Enter Mama-P Newcastle's coolest Mum foodie Kylie Pheils. If you're a seasoned cook (pun intended) like Bec or you're a dunce in the kitchen like Mel there's something in this show to make your Christmas WOW.


Mumma Relax and we don't mean have a perfect diet and sip a green juice. Learn simple breathing techniques to help ease anxiety and simple mindfulness practices that will let you observe your thoughts and prevent you giving too much time to those that don't serve you. Co

median and broadcaster Jodie J Hill joins us to give us more practical advice about relaxing, from letting go of the house to embracing the crazy nature of motherhood and incredible insights to remember and get you through like, the days are long but the years are short.


Are you recently split up from your partner or spending Christmas alone or without your kids? You're not alone this is the case for many this Christmas. We talk about our experinces of this.

And what about Children who are alone this Christmas? Every child deserves a permanent, loving and stable home for life but that's not the reality for many. Record numbers of children across the hunter are living in crisis motel accommodation due to the "desperate shortage" of foster carers.

What does it look like to give one child the feeling of hope, of a home to call their own, of parents they can call 'Mum' and 'Dad' instead of routine carer workers looking after them in hotel rooms. One Bronwyn shares her incredible story. To find out more about giving a child a safe place to call home visit Catholic Care.


So you used to travel til your heart was content, all over the globe not a care in the world. Then you had kids. You and your partner vowed that you wouldn't give up on your travel dream but then it got hard and expensive and you didn't go far. Evie from Mumpack Travel is an expert on travelling with kids and her advice is gold check it out. 


Create the perfect Christmas for your children. Hear Bec's guide to instilling Christmas traditions for your young family. Also, she's has a beautiful family and is the epitome of style New Mum's The Word's Jules Coffey talks Christmas Style 2018 with us. We also talk about still sitting at the kid's table as grown ups and what Christmas is like as a Mum compared to growing up.


We give you the ultimate kid’s gift buying guide for the kids, your partner, teachers and your parents also we talk to Santa he answers all the questions little girls and boys want to know.


Becomming a Mum is the beginning of a new you. Your life will never be the same as it was before you're a Mum! The Modern Mummafriend of the show Mel Wattstakes us through what post natal anxiety looked like for her and how she got better. Another Mumma Bec with post natal depression gives us a window into her world and Dr Rickie Elliottfrom The Hummingbird Centreat Warners Bay who specialise in that area give us advice on treament. Dr Elliott and Mel Sargeant also talk about jumping out of a plane to raise awareness and funding for COPE and post natal depression and anxiety.


Annie Chesworth is incredible one half of Hunter Belle Dairy Co and known to many as Mrs Cheese from MKR. Her and her beautiful husband Jason employ an incredible team and manage to do it all with 2 beautiful babies under 4. Learn all about how they do it plus learn all about cheese with Annie. She'll tell you how to make the perfect cheese platter and we have family passes to giveaway to the Coates Hire Newcastle 500 23-25 November.


It's wine time ladies with Lisa Margan director of Margan Estate. How to find the right wine for the right occassion? What's cool right now and what's not so? Also how to taste wine, what to look for as hallmark features of a good wine. How to navigate a bottle shop and how to store your wine. Plus win a case of Margan wine just by listening in, all thanks to The Little Unicorn Early Childhood Centres


NHM's- I Got It From My Mumma's 'Empowered Mummas' Episode. This is the most challenging time to be a mother. We've never been so in demand. Our kids, bosses and patners call for and demand our attention 24/7 so how do we cope? Hear from inspring, empowered and humble Mummas Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes, NBN Broadcaster Nathasha Beyersdorf and Westfield Kotara Centre Managers Sarah Slyvester and Kate Murphy about how they manage to do it all and stay sane. Also how to handle detractors and keep your relationship with your partner on track as you conquour the career world and be a great Mum and role model for your children. Sponsored by The Little Unicorn, Early Education Centres Newcastle


Honestly, the exhaustion you feel as a mother is unparalled. It's so hard, every phase comes with it's own challenges and they all leave you crying out for coffee. Kristy Griffiths, The Sleep Teacher, joins us to guide us through the stages of the child, lending a helping hand to any mother curious about how to get their kids to sleep better. Kristy is so beautiful, non judgemental and knowledgable and she makes us laugh too! All thanks to The Little Unicorn, Early Education and Preschool Centres, explore, play, discover, grow, enrol now. 


My 2 year old got through the baby proofing recently while I was putting on washing and my 9 month old fell down 11 concrete stairs. It was my worst day to date as a mother. Here we work alongside the John Hunter Hospital and with Clinical Nurse Consultant of Trauma Kate King to tell you about the most common and babies accidents, how you can prevent them from happening, how you can help your child if they get injured and when to take them to hospital. Proudly Sponsored by The Little Unicorn, Early Education and Pre-School Centres


Our Education Special is timed perfectly for mums contemplating what to do next year. At what age are your children ready for care and early education? What option will you go for? How to choose the correct care and education for your bub. Plus are your kids ready for school? How to get them ready and signs you may need to hold them back a year it's they are in the on the cusp of school age. 


So, we are finding it a little hard to prevent ourselves piling on the kilos as Mums. It used to be so easy to go to the gym whenever we liked and we had so much energy so we could do endless workouts, plus there were no treats in the house and it was easier to be disciplied with food. Now we're time poor, energy poor and many of our diets consist of left over vegemite toast and left over kids pasta meals. Dad of two young toddlers Adam McDougal NRL Star helps out with pratical diet and exercise advice and Nutritionalist Cheree Sheldon recipe writer from The Healthy Mummy has some great recipe ideas. You can also win a 6 month subscription to The Healthy Mummy.


Everything kids birthday parties, from themes to cakes to gifts to give other children take a sneek peak into the world of Venus from The Real Housewives of Melbourne and find out about the most over the top parties she's been witness too. Also you can WIN a King of the Kid's Birthday Party at the new Argenton Hotel The Argy just listen out for the 'code word' then email or message it to us on Facebook or Instagram. 


As Mums we feel a little unstylish, our primary concern is does this have stains on it or smell like BO? Many of us have also given up on trying to be supermodels and just accepted a few jiggly bits. Enter WestfieldStylist Kate Kohlar, she'll inspire you to be a Mumma with style! PLUS win a Westfield Styling Session for you and three girlfriends and you could win a $200 Westfield Gift Card. 


How has the role of a dad changed over time, we talk to modern dad Danny Buderus about how he handles it and keeps his relationship with his wife Kris alive. Also an older dad's perspective on life, what's the most important lessons to remember when fathering your children? Plus WIN a Hunter Supercruise driving experince for your Dad or partner. 


All about kids activities this week, what is necessary and how much is too much? Also women's health with Dr Sussanah Ward and we all know swimming lessons are so important for kid's safety as we head into Summer. Win a month of FREE swimming lessons at JUMP! Swim School Cardiff. 


All about divorce this week. What happens when you reach a point where you can't go on? Legal advice around divorce from Samantha a lawyer at Baker Love Lawyers.


All about becoming a Mumma finance whizz with Adele Martin, also making your kids 'money smart' and mindfulness around little girls growing up too



"I GOT IT FROM MY MUMMA" All about botox and filler and we review meal delivery services. 


"I GOT IT FROM MY MUMMA" let's talk about miscarriage and Tina from the Lah Lahs on Music and your Kids


"I GOT IT FROM MY MUMMA" on what to name your children, Peppa Pig's friend Daisy, and how to meet mum friends, Bec used to be so shy she didn't even go in to buy petrol, how that changed,  the story how the NHM started




Our third instalment of 'Keeping Kids Safe'. This week  we chat to Commander of Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Squad about keeping your kids safe online, plus are you getting married? or getting married again? How much to spend? How to do it


 Our second instalment of 'Keeping Kids Safe', how to tell if your child is being targeted, what family pet to buy and MR MAKER.


Our first instalment of 'Keeping Kids Safe'. How to keep their bodies safe, how to keep them safe when they're not with you how to stop teens getting a criminal record. Also a VERY candid encounter of pregnancy and birth and Madeline West Mum of 6 talks about 'letting kids fight it out' and WIN a HIGH TEA at THE NOVOTEL NEWCASTLE BEACH


INSTAMUM Mel Watts on keeping lots of kids clean, 'forced holidays' what to do when you child is suspended from school, sick kids are ruining our life, when you have to get 'back on the dating market' but you have children, what to do. 


Jackie Gillies on making your marriage work and being successful in your career. Bad Mum Confessions


How Many Kids Should You Have? Julia Morris, having a husband that does all the housework and disliking other people's kids



Tracey MAFS, Loveless Marriages, dating a good looking man that's bad for you and how to market your business



How to protect your kids from online bullies, how to make a bit of money on the side with a 'side hustle'

 This week Royal Prank DJ and Anti Bully Campaginer Mel Greig explores the TV Special that saw a dad take out a boy who was bullying his daughter. Is violence ever excusable when protecting those you love? What do parents need to know about protecting their kids against bullying in this modern day age when they have several devices and so many more Apps where strangers can just reach out to them in an instant. Also are you a full time mum with a side hussle? We discuss ways Mummas that we know and how they make a bit of cash on the side. Some even have fun doing it apparently.  


What to do if you have a spirit in your house and it's harming your kids? Davey Lloyd from Bachelor in Paradise talks Sam Frost hiding from him plus other awkward Ex encounters, manscaping and tv tastes

NHM Newcastle Hunter Mummas with Intuitive Psychic Mel Cole, your child's crying you think they might have a dirty nappy or they're hungry but what if they have a ghost in their room like my daughter did? How to recognise the signs and clense your home, a plus win a one on one with Mel and Davey Lloyd, does he manscape or brotox? What about the time Sam frost hid from him? And Dean from MAFS is 42, we're not even kidding. 

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