Returning to work as a mother

Returning to work as a mother

I’ve recently taken a part time job and for so many reasons I am absolutely loving it. Working life is completely different now than before I had kids. Obviously it is, because I haven’t worked properly in an office since before I had children (7 years ago). There are the expected differences like system upgrades and new technology, different expectations placed on roles you may have been in previously.

Christmas Style 2018 with Jules Coffey and Creating Family Traditions

So you have a to do list as long as your arm and Christmas is around the corner and the only person more stressed than Mum’s is Santa. We think we have a little more on our plates though sorry big fella. I mean Santa doesn’t have to cook for the entire family on Christmas day or navigate children’s tantrums when you explain to them that Santa can’t bring them a real live blue bird from the movie Rio.

Never leave your children unattended in a car!

Never leave your children unattended in a car!

A father left his two children unattended for an hour and 45 minutes in Houston, while he shopped. Apparently he left food, water and a movie on to keep the kids entertained. The entertainment obviously didn’t amount to much because when the father returned he found that his 6 year old daughter had become frustrated with her one year old brother, and wrapped a seatbelt around his neck and strangled him. The father tried to attempt CPR but the little boy was taken to hospital where he later died.

Are you suffering post natal anxiety or depression?

Mel and Lillian

Mel and Lillian

Isn’t it strange no one ever tells you the moment you become a mum is the moment your life will truely change forever. As far as I’m concerned you have LBC ‘life before children’ then LAC ‘life after children’. So many of the things that made up you as a person are no longer part of your life after kids and probably won’t be for a long time. I’m so grateful for Penny Williams at Calm Connexions who helped prepare me for labour the second time around. I remember the first time, when I went into labour I was not prepared for it at all, despite doing courses and reading books it did nothing. My labour was long and one I felt that I reacted confrontationally to, resisting it out of fear. Afterwards I said ‘Mum why didn’t you tell me about labour, like really tell me?’ She said laughing ‘no one can really tell you’ then laughed.

After that you go home from hospital and become a mother. It’s incredible that you get this Blue Book that looks into every aspect of the child’s health and is brilliant by the way, I mean go our health system, Medicare is something to be sooooo grateful for in this country but I feel mental health of the mother should be added to that book. Everyone looks at your downstairs and how you’re baby is attaching to your nipple but not many people get asked ‘how are you managing with motherhood?’.

This week, apart from Dr Elliott from The Hummingbird Centre at Warners Bay and Melanie Sargeant from NHM jumping out of a plane in support of COPE and raising awareness around post natal depression we have also launched our post natal anxiety and depression NHM-I GOT IT FROM MY MUMMA Podcast in Apple Podcasts and Spotify or you can click on the link below to listen. In this episode we talk to incredible ambassador for COPE The Modern Mumma - Mel Watts about her raw and honest account of having post natal anxiety and how she got over it, we’ll also joined by Bec a sufferer of post natal depression and Dr Elliott from The Hummingbird Centre who specialises in getting mother’s healthy again and back to enjoying their beautiful families.

If you’d like help with post natal anxiety or depression go to The Hummingbird Centre they will treat you with kindness, care and respect click here. To donate to Dr Elliott and Melanie’s Skydiving Mother Jumper fundraiser for COPE click here. Lastly you are truly incredible Mumma everyday of your life, never forget that!

Asthma the silent attacker


My son was diagnosed with asthma just before he was 5. He had always been a kid that was susceptible to croup and had a bit of a wheeze from when he was quite young. Just before he turned 5, we went away and were camping and had been sitting around a campfire at night. Driving home the next day he took a major turn for the worst. Once we got home, he was incredibly wheezy and short of breath and he ended up having an attack while I was driving him up to hospital. He was then diagnosed with asthma, put on a management plan and given preventative medication. He started kindergarten a couple of months later and it was the start of an endless year of hospital trips, ambulance call outs and specialist appointments. Towards the end of the year in the midst of renovations, we ripped up all the carpet in the house and his asthma started easing quite a bit. And this year, we have had limited amounts of trips.

I’m writing this now from our room at the John Hunter because unfortunately after a difficult weekend, he has been admitted to a ward and currently being rescued back to normal, hopefully. For anyone who has a child with asthma they will know and understand the differences between this sickness and others. Firstly, we arrive and go to triage. There are generally at least two or three other families with sick children (some bleeding) who have been waiting for a while to be admitted into emergency. We, unlike them, go straight in. Breathing takes precedent. Our child may be slightly lethargic looking and could be coughing a bit. Then they’re given some steroids, and started on the rescue ventolin. Suddenly our tired and coughing kid, is feeling quite a bit more energetic, and showing it. They bounce around loudly on the bed, while all the other sick kids cry around them, and yet we will always be the last to leave no matter what.

So I generally head to the hospital fully equipped for that energetic child. He’s not an iPad watcher, so we bring lego or something that he can draw. Anything that could keep his little mind entertained because we are always there for a full day. The hardest thing I find about asthma is the cough. It sounds terrible and sounds as if they are full of some deadly illness. But he’s not contagious at all, so please stop looking at us as if he has the plague! One time I almost yelled at someone for starting at him while he had a mild and sudden fit in Coles. Don’t worry, I ended up just putting my head down and leaving quickly!

So to all you other asthma mums and dads, I feel your pain! There’s nothing worse than hearing that wheeze or that cough in your little person.


I’ve always been bagged out for doing a massive countdown to Christmas and putting up decorations early by friends saying “No, you can’t put anything up til Dec 1”. Turns out all those people are wrong and probably unhappier!


Psychoanalyst Steve McKeown conveyed research to Unilad that people who decorate earlier for Christmas are happier overall because “In a world full of stress and anxiety, people like to associate to things that make them happy and Christmas decorations evoke those strong feelings of the childhood,”

“Decorations are simply an anchor or pathway to those old childhood magical emotions of excitement. So putting up those Christmas decorations early extends the excitement!”

So decorate away, go overboard I say and Merry Christmas!

Check our Facebook to win a family photo with Santa at Westfield Kotara and don’t miss Santa’s arrival this Saturday November 10th with a stack of Christmas family fun to be had!



It’s that time of year again almost, where time stands still for family, and love and joy reigns. Even if you’re not religious you have to admit Christmas is such a special time. I remember Dad just suddenly being around as a child, we’d chat on the back porch of a night in the warm summer air about dreams and hopes for the future and it was truely special. All the adults just seemed magically relaxed.

I loved hearing the school bell ring, then just feeling the excitement creep in, of an endless Summer to be spent with friends and what’s better the arrival of Santa Claus bringing all those longed for presents and bringing smiles to everyone’s faces? All the great food and your family gathered together to have fun. Who doesn’t love Christmas?


Now as a mother it seems to come around so much faster every year but the feelings surrounding it haven’t changed. It’s a magical time where you get to see the beautiful smiles of your children as they enjoy the wonder of Christmas. Their beautiful little faces beaming as they decorate the tree, tell you about what they’d love Santa to bring them and the sheer joy of your life pausing for a time just to enjoy each other and this beautiful life. The way the days run into each other around Christmas and you forget what day it is is truely special.

NHM-I GOT IT FROM MY MUMMA Podcast Radio Show can’t wait to celebrate with you! We’re going to be talking to Santa Claus, taking you through the best presents to buy this year, traditions old and new and a baking and food show.

We are also celebrating Santa's arrival at Westfield Kotara on Saturday 10th of November from 8:30-9:30am by giving you the chance to win a family photo with Santa or you can book your photo here online, this will save you time and ensure that there is a smaller window for child tantrums.


On the 10th of November there will be free entertainment, face painting, giveaways and more. The Marching Koalas will lead the parade through the centre with Santa and Mrs Claus.Santa photos will start at 10am on Level 1 outside David Jones. Walk ins are welcome but bookings are encouraged online.


To WIN a Santa photo with your family at Westfield Kotara keep and eye on NHM Newcastle Hunter Mumma’s social media.


181102 hbdc win nhm.png

We were so lucky to have incredible Mumma of 2 young boys Annie Chesworth and Mrs Cheese from MKR as well as one half of powerhouse local Cheese and Milk manufacturer Hunter Dairy Co. on our latest Podcast below. Listen below to learn all about the different styles of cheese and how to make the perfect Cheese Platter. Also follow NHM Newcastle Hunter Mummas on Facebook to win a Christmas Cheese Platter for you and your bestie for Christmas.



So, as a media personality or pretty much any other ‘notable’ brand you’re meant to delete troll comments off your page the moment they try to infiltrate but I decided this time to make an example of Jason.

This is because as women we would have never gotten the vote if the suffragettes hadn’t made a stand, there would still be slavery if people hadn’t put their lives on the line to say it was wrong and if I don’t speak up maybe when my child is attacked online neither will she. Maybe she’ll sweep it under the carpet and let it eat her up inside til she falls into a deep dark depression and it ruins her beautiful life.

From an early age I copped it. People used to call me ‘Fat Albert’ in Primary School because I was fat then I swung things around and thought I’d mastered teenage hood when I survived on little but was thin, apparently not, bitchy girls snickered ‘Are you just having an apple for lunch?’.

Look as Taylor Swift says ‘Haters gunna hate’ and it’s so true. There are many ‘Jasons’ out there who are just out to tear people down to make themselves feel better. I never understood that personally, the moment I think I’ve hurt someone’s feelings I feel awful.

So ‘Jason’ no we’re not bored, stay at home mothers, Bec and I and the Admin team all have several other jobs and over 10 children between us. We’re not ‘Just another Mummas Page’, we are a proud group of over 20K Mummas that support each other daily in what can sometimes feel like a very isolating and thankless job ‘motherhood’. It’s nice to hear that you think Mummas Pages are gaining traction because we’re still an under catered for audience. Despite the fact that you’ll hear the cricket commentary for several days on some radio stations and despite the fact that our NHM-I GOT IT FROM MY MUMMA Podcast has been downloaded thousands of times in the first six months of broadcast and featured on Apple, mothers are still considered too ‘niche’ an audience to be added to the radio mix by most commercial broadcasters.

So ‘Jason’ boo to you bully. Take your bat and ball and trot off. We’re up all hours rocking and breastfeeding babies, all for the love and we can get very cranky! So don’t dare take a swipe at any Mumma, they may just swing on back.


The Coates Hire Newcastle 500

The Coates Hire Newcastle 500

After in incredible debut event, the Coates Hire Newcastle 500 will return, 23-25 November 2018, to crown the next Virgin Australia Supercars champion!

There will be non-stop action, with three days of racing and a bumper line up of Support Categories including Dunlop 2 Series and the new ECB SuperUtes.

Legendary Scottish rock band, Simple Minds will headline the Saturday night concert in their only Australian performance, supported by Aussie favourites Birds of Tokyo, the concert is included in your Saturday race ticket.

Supercars Champ-EV14-17-9115.jpg

Youngest fans haven’t been forgotten with the LEGO Play Zone open all weekend and kids 12 and under going trackside free with a paying adult.

With grandstand and pit lane walks all selling out in advance in 2017, fans are urged to beat the rush and book their tickets early!

2018 Adelaide 500-82.jpg

Make sure you are there as a new champion is crowned and get your tickets now here or at

‘NHM Newcastle Hunter Mummas is so proud to be collaborating with the Supercars on the NHM Supercars Lego Competition to celebrate the LEGO Play Zone.

2018 Adelaide 500-43.jpg

NHM Supercars Lego Competition

“Create your best freestyle LEGO creation”

The WINNER of each category will get a Family Pass to the Coates Hire Newcastle 500 and a LEGO Pack

RUNNERS Up will get a LEGO Pack and a Supercars Kids Pack

CATEGORY 1. Children 5 and Under

CATAGORY 2. Children 5-7

CATAGORY 3. Children 7 and over


  1. You must follow and like NHM Newcastle Hunter Mummas on Facebook here and subscribe to our website here to be eligible

  2. EMAIL your full name and email address with a photo of your children’s creation and their name to


Wait for us to post a call out for your category in the NHM Group and post the photo of your child’s creation underneath


Have fun with your family at the The Lego Play Zone daily from 10am til 3pm featuring products from LEGO Speed Champions! Experience pit crew challenges, where teams will build a LEGO car and run it down a racetrack and a whole host of other competitions on distance ramps as well as a creative play featuring a Cityscape Build.

The full schedule is as follows:

All times are subject to change


9:10 – SuperUtes practice 1 (20 minutes)

9:40 – Toyota 86 practice 1 (20 mins)

10:10 – Touring Car Masters practice 1 (20 mins)

10:45 – Super2 Series practice 1 (40 mins)

11:40 – Supercars practice 1 (40 mins)

12:40 – SuperUtes practice 2 (20 mins)

1:10 – Toyota 86 practice 2 (20 mins)

1:45 – Touring Car Masters qualifying (20 mins)

2:20 – Super2 Series practice 2 (40 mins)

3:15 – Supercars practice 2 (40 mins)

4:20 – Super2 Series event rides (20 mins)

5 – Supercars event rides (30 mins)


11:55 – Toyota 86 qualifying (15 mins)

12:25 – SuperUtes qualifying (20 mins)

1 – Touring Car Masters race 1 

1:15 – Super2 Series qualifying (15 mins)

1:45 – Supercars qualifying (20 mins)

2:40 – Toyota 86 race 1

2:55 – SuperUtes race 1

3:15 – Touring Car Masters race 2

3:30 – Super2 Series race 1

3:45 – Supercars race 30 


11:55 – SuperUtes race 2

12:05 – Toyota 86 race 2

12:15 – Touring Car Masters race 3

12:30 – Super2 Series qualifying (15 mins)

1 – Supercars qualifying (20 mins)

1:55 – SuperUtes race 3

2:05 – Toyota 86 race 3

2:20 – Supercars top 10 shootout (25 mins)

3:10 – Touring Car Masters race 4

3:25 – Super2 Series race 2

Meghan's Fashion!

The Royal Tour has captured so many hearts because of the affection shown to each other by Meghan and Harry, but Meghan’s fashion has been a big talking about. And not only because of the faux pas yesterday with the tag remaining on her dress!

I’ve pulled out a few key pieces, and also listed the prices just in case you wanted to dash over to Westfield and grab a couple of pieces to add to your wardrobe!

Arriving in Tonga she wore a Martin Grant dress.  Dress: US$1385  Bag: US$1820

Arriving in Tonga she wore a Martin Grant dress.

Dress: US$1385

Bag: US$1820

An evening function in Tonga she wore a Theia Gown.  Dress: US$895

An evening function in Tonga she wore a Theia Gown.

Dress: US$895

In Fiji she also wore Safiyaa London, dress 1095 pounds

In Fiji she also wore Safiyaa London, dress 1095 pounds

In Sydney she wore L’Agence Blazer US$550 and jeans AU$199

In Sydney she wore L’Agence Blazer US$550 and jeans AU$199

Visiting the Anzac Memorial she wore an Emilia Wickstead dress for US$2080, bag US$1990 and shoes US$695

Visiting the Anzac Memorial she wore an Emilia Wickstead dress for US$2080, bag US$1990 and shoes US$695

Day 1 in Sydney she wore an Australian designer, Karen Gee dress for AU$1800 and coat US$1690

Day 1 in Sydney she wore an Australian designer, Karen Gee dress for AU$1800 and coat US$1690



NHM Mummas support each other daily, there is no judgement and the aim of NHM is to support Mummas as best as possible throughout the journey of motherhood. Both Bec Tansey and Mel Sargeant believe Motherhood has been their “toughest challenge yet”.

It’s for this reason Mel has decided to go against her better judgement and jump out of a plane to support women with Post Natal Depression. 

Dr Rickie Elliott from Hummingbird Centre approached me and said I could help raise awareness for Mum’s doing it tough by jumping out of a plane. I said ‘No I don’t want to do that!’. Then I thought about how hard motherhood is without experiencing PND, and thought if I can help out I will, so I said “I’ll do it, if you come too”. Dr Elliott was silent for a little while on the phone then she said “Ok, but I’ll need some psyching up”. 

Dr Rickie Elliot - The Hummingbird Centre, Warners Bay

Dr Rickie Elliot - The Hummingbird Centre, Warners Bay

Dr Rickie and Mel will be jumping for COPE’S (Centre of Perinatal Excellence) annual Fundraiser to encourage new parents to not suffer alone in silence, but to seek help and support early. Assuring them that the struggle is not a reflection of their ability and worth as parents.

NHM-I GOT IT FROM MY MUMMA’ s show released on 12th of November will be in support of Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Awareness (PANDA) Week, 11-17 th November 2018.


Dr Rickie from The Hummingbird Centre in Warners Bay says the Perinatal period (spanning from conception to the end of the first postnatal year), is a time where new mothers and fathers are at significantly increased risk for onset and relapse of mental health conditions. Perinatal Depression (PND) a serious illness that affects up to one in five expecting or new mums and one in ten expecting or new dads. It is not widely known that indeed Perinatal Anxiety is emerging as even more common then PND and appears to equally effect men and women in the postnatal period. The two conditions frequently overlap.

COPE reports “Being truly healthy during this unique period in life means a woman must look after her physical and mental wellbeing, but too often the emotional and mental health challenges experienced during this time are overlooked, misunderstood and not spoken about. This can evoke intense feelings of isolation and shame, and worsen feelings of stress, depression and/or anxiety.”

NHM Newcastle Hunter Mummas - Mel Sargeant

NHM Newcastle Hunter Mummas - Mel Sargeant

The extent of these issues is revealed in COPE’s extensive research with over 1,200 women across Australia who have experienced anxiety and/or depression in pregnancy or in the year following birth. When asking a subsample of these women questions about their own emotional and mental health in their first pregnancy, low awareness of common mental health conditions was revealed with 48% of women in NSW indicating that they “probably had symptoms of depression and anxiety in pregnancy, but they did not recognise them”.

High expectations, shame and denial were also indicated, with 49% per cent of women surveyed from NSW stating that they “hid their true feelings from their family and friends”. The adjustment to parenthood is huge and we do not want parents suffering alone. Early identification and treatment means the conditions are resolved faster, families are supported and not isolated, with better outcome for developing children. Please talk to family, friends, your GP, OBGYN, mother’s group etc. The more we reach out and seek support we end suffering and make it easier for other’s to do the same.

To find out more about the work COPE do visit them here, to donate to the NHM Mother Jumpers go here.


Sizzle sizzle

Sizzle sizzle

Mummas I know it’s tough you don’t get a moment for yourselves but if you can call in a favour from a friend or your parents, anyone, do it, get the girls together and go and see ‘A Star is Born’ with Bradley Cooper and Lady Ga Ga.

I was lucky enough to see this movie at Event Cinemas Kotara in Gold Class by the way the menu there now is incredible add a glass of bubbles and this movie and that’s pretty much the best time I’ve had all year!

When Bradley Cooper and Ga Ga connect on camera it is electric. It takes you back to the very first time you fell in love with someone, the way the pit of your stomach just feel away, the universe disappeared and all that’s left was that person. The most incredible person you’ve met in your life. It makes you remember the urgency you felt to see your love again, the drunknes you felt gazing into each others eyes and the joy you took from life, just to be in the presence of someone you had that amazing connection with. Not to mention the sex.

That’s the magic of this movie it takes you there and it takes you on the crazy journey of these two characters who, both so brilliantly talented, shine in each others life and give that energy to the world through the music they create together.

Their story is beautiful, heartbreaking and inspiring and an absolutely incredible achievement for both actors. I can’t wait til you get to see it too! Enjoy the ride and be warned it finishes quickly and you may be still balling so don’t wear make up, it will run.